Let go of "New Relationship High"

liberated sex Apr 29, 2020

In this video I'm answering a question in my Facebook group about rekindling the initial sexy fire that is lost after years of living together.

I'll let discover if and how I think it's possible, but I want to add something here, in the category of "busting old myths".

You know this sexy intensity and crazy chemistry we're supposed to feel when we "fall in love"? Think romantic and horny date night, passionate french kiss, can't keep my hands off of you, long conversation into the night, impromptu sex in the morning, or whatever looks like the ultimate sexy romance to you.

Well, it's overrated.

Not saying it doesn't feel great when it's there, but it's

A/ early sexual chemistry is not a guarantee of overall compatibility in the future (some relationships start on fire and burn quick, some start without crazy attraction and build up strong, and everything in between is possible)

B/ too volatile to become a permanent expectation in your relationship

There are ways to maintain exciting physical intimacy and fulfilling sexuality over the years, but trying to maintain or go back to the energy of your first months is NOT one of them.

If you're curious about the other ways, let me know!




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