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Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

There's an old harmful myth creeping around: that there is this one soulmate you need to find asap to be happy, and anything before that is all a painful waste of time.

So we strive for this perfect relationship with this perfect soulmate... and we resent our imperfect reality, we fear we're missing out, we drown in doubt.

If you ever catch yourself resisting your current romantic situation, doubting you have found or will find the "right guy", and freaking out, try this narrative:

Whatever you are experiencing right now in your love life IS EXACLTY WHAT YOU NEED

Yep, the nice guy who doesn't excite you but feels safe, the bad guy who drives you mad and sad, the date who doesn't call back, the husband you married for the wrong reasons, the new partner you're excited and stressed about, the no man's land...= PERFECT.

Please breathe into it, sister: ☆whatever you are experiencing right now in your love life is exactly what you need☆

》Probably not from the perspective of what SOCIETY is prescribing as "success" (but I strongly suggest you stop caring about that!) and maybe not from the perspective of comfort and gratification

》But from the perspective of what your SOUL/spirit/consciousness/humanity needs to expand (that's much more rewarding).

From this perspective,

  • Whatever feeling is triggered in you by your present relationship is exactly what you need to confront for your personal evolution
  • It's an opportunity to become more self-aware and to heal old wounds.
  • It's a call to make scary, bold decisions to go towards more love and respect for yourself and others.


WHOEVER creates intense friction and turmoil and forces you to look at yourself and own your deepest sh*t and grow out of it is a SOULMATE.


You can have MANY soulmates (I consider a bunch of my ex-partners that way).
And it's really not all butterflies and unicorns.

Good news ☆The struggles you are going through today are strengthening you, opening you, if you allow them

I know it's easier said than done but really...

1️⃣Love what you're living now as if you had chosen it for your personal growth.

2️⃣Look for the Teacher in any partner or date and humbly do your inner work to Be Love.

That's honestly the best relationship advice I firmly believe in.


If you're curious about how to transform your romantic struggles into epic breakthroughs, so you can feel aligned and empowered no matter what you're going through, let's chat!

Tell me your story in a few lines at [email protected] and I'll get back to you asap!


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