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Use the power of Movement & Music as Medicine to...

* Get out of your head and into your body
* Explore and welcome new parts of you
* Deepen your self-expression and self-love
* Regulate and uplift your moods and energy

Embody your full light




You know you need to move, meditate, go inward, feel your feelings, celebrate yourself, connect to the Divine... Dancing Rituals do this all at once.



Find your flow, your fun and your playfulness as you let go of your thoughts, your worries, and break through your rigid patterns.



Observe and transform your relationship with your fears, your desire, your pleasure, your pain, the feminine and masculine energies...

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What you Get: Instant Access to 7 Dance Rituals

Each rituals is about 15min, comes with a follow-along Video, a Playlist, and suggestions to dive deeper with Self-Inquiry.

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This is the perfect practice if you are...

* Depleted, stressed, frustrated, and looking for ways to unwind the tension + feel deeply alive and awake

* Hard on yourself and eager to accept and love yourself more fully

* Disconnected from your truth and longing to tune in to your Temple Body to honor your sensations and emotions and listen to an ancient wisdom that doesn't come from your worried mind

* Inhibited in your intimacy and ready to reclaim your confidence and your capacity to express yourself

* On a path of personal and spiritual healing and growth, and 
curious about how to embody more of your sacred feminine power

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This might not be for you if...

* You don't think your body matters

* You're not into self-reflection and self-inquiry

* You are injured and can't move much

What is Self-Love Dance?

- Inspired by Ecstatic Dance, Qoya, Nia and Energy Healing Arts
- Each ritual focuses on a Theme for healing and growth, with the guidance of the music and some simple movement suggestions
- We dance without caring about how it looks from the outside
- We dance with kind awareness of what's happening on the inside
- So we can meet and love ourselves more fully, and remember the wisdom of our body

How does the challenge work?

Each ritual is about 15min and comes with

  • a follow-along Video Demo
  • a Playlist
  • suggestions to dive deeper with Self-Inquiry.

The "Aliveness" Challenge is designed as a progressive healing journey that can deeply transform your relationship with yourself if you do a ritual a day for 5 days.

Other challenges like the Yin/Yang Challenge are specific explorations of your energy.

You can just follow the sequence, or pick and choose what feels right for you!

Ready for your embodied life?

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